Holiday insurance

Even if you are going a country within the EU, it is still good sense to take out proper health insurance: EU regulations cover only a certain level of care, and if you do fall ill abroad then you need the best care available.

Other things can put a damper on your holiday too, for example:

  • Seriously delayed flights
  • The loss or theft of personal possessions
  • Events when you might need legal advice

In all these cases, you need the security of a policy tailored to your own circumstances.

Contact us on 01450-375742, or come into our office in the centre of Hawick, to discuss with our staff what is right for you.


It is costly and frustrating if your travel plans are delayed or cancelled. An insurance policy can at least soften the blow a little – and Gibson’s can give you full advice on this and other aspects of holiday insurance.

Medical expenses

Good medical care can prove very expensive when you’re abroad; our insurance cover can cover all expenses, from non-emergency medical treatment to being flown home in the event of serious illnesses or accidents.


Luggage can go astray, or possessions can be lost or stolen. Compensation is easy to arrange with Gibson’s professional help.

Legal etc

Misunderstandings or accidents can lead to heavy legal fees. Ask Gibson’s about covering yourself against legal costs.