Introduction to Gibson Insurance

No phone menus.   No queues.  No call centres.

When you phone us, your call will be answered there and then by one of our own staff. With us, personal service is not a thing of the past.  We offer you:

Professional pride

We take pride in our staffs’ training, and guarantee you expert and impartial advice.


Trust Gibsons.  After more than 30 years in business we know the industry.

How we can help you

At home or on holiday, the security of insurance is essential. But with so many companies and different policies it is easy to get confused, and perhaps to take out a policy which does not give you the cover you imagined it would.

This is where Gibsons can help; we will do all the searching for you, and will handle:

  • Holiday insurance
  • House / car insurance
  • Claims and all other dealings with companies

Please check out our holidays or house insurance pages, or feel free to contact us for advice. We are open all day Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 5.00pm Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm, and closed on Saturdays. You can be rest assured your insurance needs are in good hands, these can be dealt with efficiently in the office, over the phone or by email and we are working hard to deliver a full service.